i dreamed a dream for so many years of starting a blog to chronicle my adventures in cooking, my love for food, and for good conversation. i was always, however, scared to start. i would spend hours laboring over a new blog, formatting and stylizing, but, when it came to actually sitting down to write i couldn't bring myself to do it. there is a digital graveyard of all my former websites. the poor lost websites accumulated partially out of my fear that they would not be exactly as i envisioned them and partially because i was always running out of time. however, after much deliberation, a college graduation, and a nice talk with my dear friend taylor (you can check out her new blog here), i bought a domain and decided to commit myself. so here we are....

heirloom kitchen is born!

this month, i will publish four delicious recipes and each one will have a tale to tell. (because is there anything better than storytelling over a good meal? In my opinion, NO, there is not.) accordingly, heirloom kitchen will focus on just that: feasting & storytelling. so keep your eyes on the lookout for an indulgent omelette, a surprisingly simple appetizer, a yummy smoothie bowl, and the quintessential late summer dessert- each with their own narrative.

as for now you can keep up with me on Instagram @heirloomktchn

talk to you soon!